Case Studies

Fan Engagement / In-Stadium Experience

"Sports broadcasters and teams are really working hard to engage their die-hard fans and maintain engagement and loyalty in the face of competing at-home entertainment options."

- Ariff Sidi
General Manager and Chief Product Officer, Verizon Media


Verizon wanted to showcase the power of 5G in providing a transformative experience for fans by bringing the game to life in new ways.


Verizon partnered with InfrontX, EdgeCast and Phenix to deliver a fan experience like no other. With seven different camera angles playing simultaneously with sub-second latency, fans can watch the game from angles of their choice, regardless of where they are in the stadium.

Sports Betting/Micro-Wagering

"We were looking for a real-time streaming solution to support in play betting, that would also scale for our largest events like Cheltenham. The Phenix technology gives us a platform from which we can grow in play betting on horse racing, and the team has been extremely supportive and responsive."

- Ben Dowding
Director of Betting, RMG

Streaming ~70 tracks in the UK and Ireland
Over 500,000 streams daily
Stats Perform & Racecourse Media Group
Racehorse Media Group

Stats Perform and RMG were looking for a solution that would reduce latency, increase scale, and be easily adopted by sportsbooks, which would in turn drive handle and bottom-line revenue.


Phenix was chosen as a long-term partner to provide real-time streams of multiple horse and greyhound races at scale, enabling micro-wagering and unlocking new revenue. Since adoption, handle has increased exponentially.


“Phenix’s near zero latency stream is a perfect fit for YCF, so fans can call the plays and then watch the majority-voted play run on the field all in Real-Time."

- Julie Meringer
CEO & Founder of Your Call Football

“We’ve worked with different providers, but have never seen the innovative technology Phenix delivered. The high quality, real-time streams were really impressive.”

- Pete Overmyer
Head of Media Tech at Barstool

Your Call Football
Your Call Football logo

Your Call Football puts fans in control of live football games by allowing fans to call plays selected by the coaches and then run on the field. The need for real-time delivery is essential in order to keep the flow of the game consistent.


Only Phenix is able to provide a real-time solution to an unlimited audience so fans can watch a play and choose the next play with time to spare.

Video Chat

“We wanted to provide these world class athletes with a world class experience. Delivering Full HD 1080p content across the world with less than ½ second of delay is a massive undertaking, and Phenix was the only company we met with that could make this possible.”

- Mark Stewart,
CEO of WonderMakr


wonderMakr worked with Olympic partners in South Korea on a project that enabled athletes to video chat with their family and friends in real-time across the globe to celebrate their Olympic performances.


After searching the market for real-time video solutions, wonderMakr determined that Phenix offered the highest video quality and lowest latency and instantaneous time to first frame, especially over global connections.

Sports Betting

“We had been searching for a new streaming provider for some time for our SIS premium content offering, built on a high quality rich Live racing, Live esport, Live numbers and virtual portfolio. Phenix is the only company able to deliver streams in real-time at scale and also in sync on a global basis. This enables SIS customers to offer bettors an exceptional betting experience where they can bet at the same time in real-time on all of our video content.”

- Paul Witten,
SIS Commercial Director


SIS was in the market for a new streaming provider to enhance their premium and in-race content to deliver streams from racetracks worldwide to sportsbook operators.


After a thorough search SIS chose Phenix because of its groundbreaking synchronous real-time technology; handle has increased and the user experience has dramatically improved.

Phenix drives revenue

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