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Technology that ensures the delivery of synchronous media across devices and geographies to a global audience, ensuring users are watching the same content at the same time.


All devices, all locations, watching a stream at the same time. Key technology for co-watching with Phenix’s Virtual Couch solution. All users in the video experience must be consuming the primary content at the same time.

US1 10,601,914 US2 10,855,763 Canada 3,059,564 Australia (pending) Europe (pending) Japan (pending)

Multi-Stream Sync

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Techniques for providing real-time, augmented and shared experience of live events from multiple video feeds (events, camera angles, locations) synchronized to a universal timecode.


Building blocks for real-time streaming and switching of content that’s locked to a single timecode. This could be multi-angle, multi-venue, or multiple sources of content (e.g. games, events) in a shared streaming application.

US1 11,051,049 B2 US2 (pending) Australia (pending) Canada (pending) Europe (pending) Japan (pending)

Dynamic ABR Encoding

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Adaptive bitrate technology to reduce start-up time for new viewers, optimize switching time between resolution and bitrate layers, and improve the user experience by delivering the highest quality live stream despite changing network conditions.


Adaptive bitrate streaming by implementing dynamic midstream keyframe insertion for faster and more intelligent switching between bitrates to maintain broadcast quality streams.

US1 11,019,368 B2 US2 (pending) Australia (pending) Canada (pending) Europe (pending) Japan (pending)

Rapid Automated Scalability


Early detection and management of flash-crowd events in real-time streaming. AI algorithms automatically provision resources in real-time to reach global audiences and stay ahead of the demand wave.


Instant crowd control for your streams with early detection to manage flash-crowd and thundering herd events in real-time.

US1 11,451,483 Australia (pending) Canada (pending) Japan (pending) Korea (pending)

Real-Time Ad Insertion

Server side method and system for selecting, transcoding, and inserting a targeted ad into a real-time media stream.


Dynamically insert ads into real-time streams without pauses, keyframe blackouts, playlist interruptions or latency build-up over time.

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