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Phenix has built a modular platform that can accommodate your existing infrastructure investments and scale to your required audience size.

Phenix has built a modular platform that can accommodate your existing infrastructure investments and scale to your required audience size.

Load content faster

Time To First Frame (TTFF), also known as Startup Time, is an important industry metric. It measures how long it takes a video to start playing from the moment the user initiates playback. The industry average is ~4 seconds. For Phenix, it is less than 1/2 second.


Ensures the delivery of synchronous media to an audience

Enables users to watch real-time, live and VOD content at the same time regardless of device, OS or location

United States Patent 16/789,300 (notice of allowance)


Techniques for providing a real-time, augmented and shared experience of attending a live event

Interaction between users and other spectators and, between users and third-party media content through augmented reality

United States Patent 16/269,478 (pending)


1080p 480p 720p

Adaptive bitrate methods for real-time broadcasting

Server-side adaptive bitrate reduces start-up time for new viewers and serves the highest possible quality stream to each viewer despite changing network conditions

United States Patent 16/395,858 (pending)

Rapid Automated Scalability


Flash crowd management in real-time streaming

AI algorithms automatically provision resources in real-time to reach broadcast size audiences and stay ahead of the demand wave

United States Patent 60/960,534 (pending)

Flash crowd elasticity

Automatically provisions resources in a matter of seconds to handle large crowds joining popular streams without interruption.

Thought leaders

Research Paper

The Streaming Wars: Sports Business Report

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Research Paper

The Future of Streaming: Research Report

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Research Paper

The Streaming Wars: The Real-Time Differentiator

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Results / Case Studies

We wanted to provide these world class athletes with a world class experience. Delivering Full HD 1080p content across the world with less than ½ second of delay is a massive undertaking, and Phenix was the only company we met with that could make this possible. WonderMakr CEO Mark Stewart
Phenix streaming technology was critical in helping us accomplish our goals for marketing McDonald’s National French Fry Day in Canada. The Phenix Studio enabled us to publish streams from different locations, compose them on the fly, monitor the feeds in real-time, and push the fully produced stream to Facebook and Periscope/Twitter. Phenix real-time streaming capabilities are second to none. McDonalds
Your Call Football
YCF was fortunate enough to tap Phenix to stream our 'Fan Play-Calling Games' -- allowing fans to stream high quality football while voting on offensive plays, in real-time. Phenix's near zero-latency stream is a perfect fit for YCF, so fans can call the plays and then watch the majority voted play run on the field all in real-time. YCF CEO Julie Meringer

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